Iowa State University Students Riot On A Tuesday For No Apparent Reason (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Iowa State University Students Riot On A Tuesday For No Apparent Reason

Students at Iowa State University rioted Tuesday night for no apparent reason.

Iowa State, in Ames, Iowa, is currently in the middle of an annual, weeklong celebration called VEISHEA. The event is supposed to celebrate the university's history, but despite it officially being alcohol free for roughly 15 years, Iowans know it largely as an excuse to party all week.

Students flipped cars, pulled light poles out of the ground and knocked over stop signs as thousands filled the streets. When police tried to maintain order, students mocked them, threw full cans of beer and chanted "You suck!"

This video shows one of the light poles falling:

This video captures students flipping a car:

According to KCCI, several people were injured, including one who was seriously hurt when a light pole fell on his head.

This is why you don't park your car on Welch during VEISHEA

— Edward Baglan (@EdBaglan) April 9, 2014

All of this took place within a block from campus in an area where most of the bars students frequent are located. It also encroached on streets where many house parties take place.

ISU President Steven Leath issued a statement saying the administration will review whether or not to cancel other activities planned this week.

"I was immediately made aware of the situation that began in Campustown shortly before midnight, and have continued to receive information over the past few hours from police and other staff," Leath said. "We are all distraught and disappointed over the events that have unfolded near campus overnight."

Iowa State is not known as a wild university, unlike its in-state rival, the University of Iowa, which was ranked the top party school in 2013. Students rioted at VEISHEA in 1992, 1994 and 2004, again for seemingly no reason, which resulted in ISU canceling the celebration in 2005.

These videos show the students running in the street and throwing various objects as they encountered police:

These photos show more of what it was like overnight Tuesday:

Of course, people chanted "U-S-A" because why not. Nothing screams patriotism like damaging property on a Tuesday night.

UPDATE, 4:15 p.m.: Iowa State University President Steven Leath announced the school is canceling the remainder of this year's VEISHEA celebration. He's also appointing a task force to examine the future of the event.

Students are also raising money online for the student who was critically injured during Tuesday's riot.

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