iPad 2 Costume Is Incredibly Cool, Ridiculously Expensive (VIDEO)

You don't need a rocket scientist to create this costume, but we're giving you one anyway.

Mark Rober, who, according to CNET, is a mechanical engineer for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, put together this last-minute costume and uploaded the outcome to YouTube for all the world to see. The result is something we've always dreamed of: an ultra expensive but semi-realistic looking gaping hole in his chest.

Despite the cost (and Rober's technical background), the whole set-up is really simple. After strapping the devices to his body, he launches a FaceTime chat between the two tablets (as he notes, this only works with iPad 2s). With the help of a little MiFi device he keeps in his pocket, he's able to create a neat hole-in-the-chest effect. The webcam on the back-facing device films whatever's located behind Rober, while the front iPad displays that video to onlookers (and vice versa). Pretty cool.

However, we have to imagine it's hard not to accidentally hit the home button on occasion and lose the whole effect. He also probably spent the whole night fretting over the mere possibility losing one, if not both, of those tablets.

WATCH: [Hat tip to Gizmodo for the initial find.]