iPad 2: New Mock-Up Spotted At CES (VIDEO)

iPad 2: New Mock-Up Spotted At CES (VIDEO)

Apple might not be at CES, but its presence is being felt nonetheless.

With iPad 2 likely right around the corner, some eager vendors at the Consumer Electronics Show have taken the time to create what many believe to be realistic mock-ups of the upcoming Apple product. Just how accurate the dummies are no one seems to know, but the mock-ups suggest a few interesting new things.

While an eager iPad case maker, Dexim, displayed an early mock-up of the iPad the other day, another purportedly accurate dummy has appeared, according to Engadget.

The possible future iPad teases 128GB of memory, as well as a new external speaker grill. While this could very well be another manufacturer's imaginary design, it does seem to fit alongside previous images and rumors about the tablet.


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