iPad 2 Rumors: The Ultimate Guide

The holidays are upon us, but Apple is hoarding the good cheer by keeping quiet about the next-generation iPad, informally known as the "iPad 2." Nevertheless, rumors are trickling out of China about Apple's iPad sucessor.

On Tuesday, DigiTimes released a report stating that Chinese manufacturing plants located in Shenzen and owned by Foxconn Electronics will build between 400,000 and 600,000 iPad 2 units, to be shipped out "within the next 100 days."

Though earlier rumors suggested that the iPad 2 could be unveiled as early as December 2010 or January 2011, DigiTimes now reports that production has been delayed due to firmware testing.

Speculation about the iPad 2 has been growing almost since the launch of the original iPad in early 2010. The following is a roundup of the iPad 2 rumors so far:
  • TechCrunch: A new iPad will go on sale starting at $499.
  • Slashgear: A carbon-fiber frame will encase the internal components.
  • Boy Genius Report: The iPad 2 could be a tad slimmer than the original. Drawing inspiration from the iPhone, Apple is also expected to pack the iPad 2 with features like the high-resolution Retina Display and a multi-axis gyroscope, as well as dual cameras for FaceTime video chat support.
  • MacStories: Largan Precision will provide the camera lenses.
  • MacRumors: The device will also include a USB connector.

According to, "Qualcomm will provide chips that allow the iPad 2 to run on both CDMA and GSM networks." This, of course, is sorry news for AT&T, currently the only mobile carrier that offers the iPad 3G. Verizon currently carries the Apple's Wi-Fi iPad bundled with a MiFi hotspot; CDMA support would eliminate the need for a 3G connectivity peripheral, as noted by Digital Trends.

Foxconn and Apple have been silent about these rumors so far. Digital Trends believes that Apple will come forward with concrete news soon, as iPad 2 rumors could threaten holiday sales of the current iPad.

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