A Sneak Peek At The iPad App Store? (VIDEO)

A Sneak Peek At The iPad App Store? (VIDEO)

The Apple iPad's release is less than a week away, and speculation is growing over the host of new apps that will be available on the device.

MacRumors recently revealed a leaked screenshot of the first few iPad apps that will be available at launch, and now MacStories claims to have received a video that 'shows the actual store being used, with all the applications we've seen so far: the Yahoo Entertainment app, Twitterrific, OmniGraffle and OmniGraph Sketcher, Real Racing.' The video may or may not be real, but at the very least, it can help satisfy your app curiosity.

Early reports suggest that iPad apps range in price from free to around $9.99. The first few apps we see at launch could include Manic Marble, OmniGraphSketcher, Real Racing HD, Twitterific, Mixr, and iMockups, among others. Check out a preview of the Dashboard app (via TechCrunch) in the lower video below.

If you're curious to know what additional apps will be available for the iPad, Check out BGR's gallery of leaked iPad app screenshots, which include apps such as Flight Control and Reuters Pro.

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