iPad Books Preview: Penguin Reveals New Interactive Books (VIDEO)

iPad Books Preview: Penguin Reveals New Interactive Books (VIDEO)

In a presentation in London on Tuesday, Penguin CEO John Makinson revealed some amazing new books that are in development for the iPad. Not simply eBooks, these interactive reading experiences have all sorts of cool features, from games within children's books to an "intergalactic GPS system" in a book about stars that can show you which constellations you're looking at out your window.

Makinson admitted that these books are something brand new, very unlike traditional reading experiences. "The definition of the book itself is up for grabs," he said. The .ePub format, which is the format for most eBooks, does not support this kind of interactive book, so, Makinson said, "we'll be creating a lot of our content as applications, for sale on app stores and HTML, rather than in eBooks." He introduced a bold new plan for eBooks: "We will be embedding audio, video and streaming into everything we do."


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