Renee Armstrong, Bridesmaid, Uses IPad To Attend Friend's Wedding (VIDEO)

Bridesmaid Attends Wedding Via iPad

It's been said that true friendship can withstand the test of time, but how about distance? Well, where there's a will, there's a way. When one bridesmaid could not physically attend her friend's wedding 1,600 miles away in Denver, she attended via iPad.

One groomsman carried the tablet featuring Renee Armstrong down the aisle and held it by his side while standing at the altar. Armstrong was not only able to be part of the ceremony, she attended the reception, chatted with guests and posed for pictures, according to The Sun.

Bride Jamie Wilborn was enthusiastic about her friend's virtual presence, proudly holding the tablet and thanking technology for helping make Armstrong part of the celebration, as seen in the video. The reunion was made possible through Apple's FaceTime application, the Social Times reports.

Hours before the big day, however, the virtual reunion almost took a turn for the worse. During the wedding rehearsal, one of the groomsman reportedly dropped the tablet and shattered the screen. Fortunately, groom Jonathan Alberico told Denver's ABC 7 News, Apple replaced the damaged device before the ceremony.

The story is just one example of how people are using video chat technology to celebrate momentous occasions. For example, one bride's cancer-stricken mother was able to Skype into her daughter's wedding.


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