The IPad Charger As A Bottle Opener: Only Slightly Better Than Using Your Teeth

Steve Jobs is still amazing us with his multifaceted technology. The latest discovery from Eva Giselle (@EvaZebra) gave us a great idea to try out over the weekend -- try to successfully open a beer bottle with an iPad charger.

After reading CNET's retelling of its iPad charger bottle opener trial run, which resulted in a cracked adapter, we were a little afraid for the safety of our own iPad chargers.

However, that didn't stop us from conducting our own test to see if the rumors were true.

First, we unhooked the USB cord from the square charger and popped off the pronged part of the square charger base. Then, we positioned the charged atop the bottle with the circular metal part of the adapter tucked under the bottle cap. With one hand gripped tightly on the bottle, and the other holding the charger, the bottle top pops off easily with a gentle flick of the wrist. No cracking or strains involved, though we could see how that happened to CNET's Sharon Vaknin.

The most important thing is to not simply pull back on the charger with all of the pressure on the circular metal part. Instead, absorb some of the pressure with your hand by getting a good grip around the charger and pulling your wrist back across the top of the bottle.

And voila, yet another way to open any bottle without an opener. Be advised, if you're desperate to try this trick out yourself, we take no responsibility for cracked chargers should you gloriously fail and neither will Apple as OSX Daily points out.

The rumors first started when Giselle tweeted this photo below.

If you can't get the iPad charger to work for you, try out one of the 31 other ways to open a bottle without an opener.