How To Use Your iPad As A Cutting Board

Yes, you can use your $600 gadget for chopping vegetables.

When you get tired of checking your e-mail or playing Angry Birds on your iPad, the daring folks at BodyGuardz have a new use for your electronic device. Bring your gadget into the kitchen and use it in place of a cutting board. Because why would you rely on a regular cutting board that costs you 10 bucks when you can use this pricey gadget in its place??

Apparently, using your iPad as a cutting board will not damage it. You can hack on top of it with a cleaver, and if you have one of those clear plastic screen protectors your iPad will make it through without even a scratch. We have not tried this ourselves so if you decide this is something you want to do with your $600 purchase, try it at your own risk. Watch the video above and see how it's done.

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