iPad Mini Event: Apple Sends Out Invitations For October 23rd, Smaller iPad Likely On The Schedule

Our mini-wait appears to be over.

Just a month after unveiling the iPhone 5 at an event in San Francisco, Apple on Tuesday afternoon has sent out another batch of invitations for another media event, to be held on Tuesday, October 23rd. The likely star of this presentation? Probably the iPad Mini, a long-rumored, 7.85-inch tablet which is said to be Apple's answer to smaller, cheaper tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7.

You can see a photo of the invitation below: [via SlashGear]

apple ipad mini invite

Apple is also rumored to debut a smaller MacBook Pro with Retina display (a 13-inch model to join the 15-inch model) as well as a batch of redesigned iMacs. Most eyes, however, will be on that smaller iPad Mini, and especially the price: Apple has been rumored to offer the tablet from anywhere between $199 and $350 for the cheapest model, though a recent leak suggests that an 8GB Wi-Fi only version will be available for $249 at launch.

Whatever Apple announces on October 23rd, HuffPost Tech will have plenty of coverage for you.

Take a look at the gallery (below) to see some of the biggest Apple rumors from last week, most of them starring the "iPad Mini."

Whats New, iPad Mini?
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