iPad of Dreams 1 of 3: If You Build it They Will Sell More

What if there was a tool you could give your salespeople that was already proven to be a productivity, selling and efficiency winner?
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Sales people all have their "secret weapons" - those little tips and tricks they've picked up along the way to help them excel. In a job with bigtime KPIs it's no wonder they often don't want to share their secrets, even with their bosses. What if there was a tool you could give them - that was already proven to be a productivity, selling and efficiency winner?

We have met with countless executives and heard about their favorite apps or how they wish they could have an app that combined the best features of one or two others. We listen because, who knows, maybe we'll build that very solution they request. However, over time we've heard of so many great apps we thought it would be fun to construct the "Dream iPad" for the sales person. This way, if an organization wants to provide a corporate iPad, they at least know their employees are starting out with a crop of the best, most useful apps for the job at hand.

These "Dream iPads" are unique to three different kinds of sales people so I'll be sharing three different models. The first being for the local market salesperson.

Category 1 - Contact Management

Card2CRM: Take a photo of a business card and have it automatically transcribed into Salesforce. Awesome. LinkedIn's CardMunch is awesome too for contact management if you don't have Salesforce.

RingDNA: Call tracking and so much more. It's integrated with Salesforce and Twilio to help salespeople action real-time data and keep track of what they accomplish.

Sophia: We're biased, but being able to talk to your Salesforce account (via voice-to-CRM technology) while on the go is a huge timesaver.

Category 2 - Getting Around

Uber: Need a lift and want to ride in style? Uber's got you covered.

Lyft: Need a lift and want to meet someone new - Lyft calls itself "your friend with a car, on demand" - you never know who you might meet.

ZipCar: You can easily set up a corporate account with ZipCar so you get a discount and "wheels when you want them."

Category 3 - Document Management

MightyMeeting: Present your sales deck and be able to even share your deck with other devices in the same room. You'll look slick doing it!

Folio: Organize your documents in the PDF book reader. So much more civilized.

Collateral: Access your Salesforce collateral offline on your iPad? Yes please. Being able to download the most recent documents before a meeting and know they're the latest also brings peace of mind.

Are there ones that I'm missing that you love? Leave a comment below and hopefully the needs of local sales representative on the go will be met!

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