iPad Reviews: Raves For Apple's Latest Product

iPad Reviews: Raves For Apple's Latest Product

iPad reviews from technology writers began surfacing Wednesday evening, with most offering glowing appraisals of Apple's latest product. However, one caveat was consistent: iPad's inability to play flash video.

Check out what critics from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Chicago Sun-Times, PC Mag, Telegraph, TIME, BoingBoing, and Engadget have to say in their iPad reviews in the slideshow below.

Read more iPad reviews on the Huffington Post, including a guide to '13 Things You Need To Know About The iPad,' as well as rundown of the '9 Worst Things About The iPad.' See our selection of 'iPad Killers'--alternatives to the iPad--here.

WATCH: ABC's Neal Karlinsky visits a closed Apple store for a hands-on encounter with the iPad and to meet with app developers:

WATCH: USA Today's Jefferson Graham reviews the iPad and shows users what they can expect:

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