iPad Trade-In Programs: Where And How To Get Some Return For Your Old Device

Apple just announced a new iPad, instantly outdating your iPad 2, and turning your original iPad into an antique.

But just because Apple has updated its tablet doesn't mean older devices are no longer valuable. There are a number of programs that can bring a bit of return, and help ease the cost of acquiring a brand new iPad.

Apple's own recycling program offers giftcards for recycled devices (values differ based on model and condition), but there are other services that provide cash and often better returns for your old iDevices.

One of the more popular options is Gazelle, which quotes potential sellers online and then arranges a trade-in by mail. Many have already gone this route, and according to Digital Trends the company has seen a 500 percent boost in quotes for tablets over the course of the past month.

Right now, a 64GB iPad 2 with WiFi + 3G, in good condition, will fetch a quote of $290 on Gazelle, and the same size version of the original iPad seems to be worth $170. While it's not quite what many shelled out for their tablets initially, every little bit helps towards the cost of an $829 64GB+3G new iPad.

NextWorth is a similar option to Gazelle, but according to 9to5mac, fetches an even better price for newer devices. Prior to the new iPad announcement, a mint condition iPad 2 64GB with WiFi and AT&T 3G in white garnered a pretty solid $436. However, shortly after the announcement, the same quote already has come down to $406, and that's for an almost untouched iPad.

If you're simply ready to give up the iPad altogether, Amazon's trade-in program might be a good choice. According to 9to5mac, Amazon gives pretty good prices for a trade-in ($290 for a "like-new" 16GB iPad 1 with WiFi only), but will give you only an Amazon giftcard in return. That won't help you pre-order Apple's latest tablet.

If a physical trade-in makes you feel a bit safer, Radioshack and Gamestop both have physical in-store trade-in programs with decent values.

Best Buy doesn't have an in-store option and the returns are bit lower than some other programs. Right now a 64 GB iPad2 with WiFi + 3G in fair condition fetches an estimated $244.

There are also a number of middleman auction-type options, like eBay and Glyde, which works similarly to eBay but gives you a quote of what you're likely to make before you put your device up for sale. Right now, a Glyde quote for the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G in near perfect condition could garner close to $300. That number isn't a guarantee though.

If for some reason none of these options seem viable to you, there's always Craigslist. Use it at your own risk, but you can always post specs and even pictures to ensure you're for real.

Check out some sleek photos of the new iPad from Apple's March 7 event in San Francisco. And try not to drool on your keyboard.

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