iPhone 4 Antenna Issues May Cause Reception Problems (VIDEO)

iPhone 4 Antenna Issues May Cause Reception Problems (VIDEO)

Apple's new iPhone 4 hasn't even been officially out for 24 hours, and already users are reporting myriad problems with the smartphone.

One of the biggest complaints is that holding the iPhone 4's antenna band seems to negatively affect the phone's reception. More specifically, MacRumors notes, "calls were consistently dropped when the iPhone 4 was held in the left hand while touching the bottom left corner. "

A MacRumors commenter observed, "Holding the iPhone 4 in your hands with your fingers touching the antenna seems to immediately and consistently send the bars plummeting." (see video below)

However, it's possible that the dwindling bars, which appear when the iPhone 4's antenna are covered by a user's hand, may be the result of a bug in Apple's new iOS 4, the latest iPhone operating system. (see video at bottom of post)

As proof, a YouTube user has posted a video of his iPhone 3G, held in a similar fashion as the iPhone 4s in the YouTube videos we showed you yesterday, losing signal strength as soon as it is clutched. As this did not happen with iOS 3.0, this suggests a software bug which affects the signal meter the user sees. Even more interesting is the fact that despite displaying a weak signal -- and in some cases no signal at all -- many users report that the iPhone 4 is still able to make calls as if nothing were wrong.

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