iPhone 4 Pre Orders Begin: Everything You Need To Know

UPDATE The pre-sale of the iPhone 4 has been plagued by problems.

Customers not only faced long lines at Apple and AT&T retail stores, but also encountered errors trying to order the new iPhone online. These issues that have been blamed on AT&T's overloaded ordering systems, which will affect orders placed through Apple's online store, as these must go through the AT&T servers.

Gizmodo reports that AT&T customers have even suffered security breaches "while trying to access their accounts online" and have mistakenly been directed to other users' accounts. (Read more first-hand accounts of the pre-order problems on Gizmodo.)

Twitter has been buzzing with users venting their frustrations with the pre-order process. @Skottieyoung tweeted, "Trying to pre-order my iPhone 4 but Apple site is not being my friend. D*mn you sir, just let me waste my money like an American should." @AndrewDumont wrote, "This pre-ordering process is an absolute joke. I've tried, and even calling the store... no luck. #FAIL." Huffington Post commenter FrTown reported troubles earlier today: "The site has crashed a few times this morning. AT&T is updating their site and is inaccessible either. "

The iPhone 4 launch has experienced a handful of hiccups. In addition to the swamped servers, Steve Jobs's unveiling of the iPhone at WWDC hit snafus due to data congestion, and the CEO was even heckled by the audience.

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Don't want to wait in line for the new iPhone 4 come launch day (June 24)? iPhone 4 pre-orders begin Tuesday, June 15th, and we've got everything you need to know to ensure you'll be among the first get to the brand new smartphone.

iPhone pre-orders are now live on the Apple store, which gives consumers the option of pre-ordering the phone (have it delivered to your home on June 24) or reserving it for pickup at an Apple Retail Store.

The website has been having some technical glitches, with some users encountering Apple's "We'll be back soon" yellow stickie when they attempt to order the phone. (One report suggested this may be an issue on AT&T's end.)

If you want to pre-order the white iPhone 4, you may be out of luck, According to TechCrunch, Apple's website said the white iPhone was "currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup."

You can also pre-order the iPhone 4 via AT&T's website, or at an AT&T store, for home delivery "as early as" June 24. AT&T said in a press release (via Engadget), "Consumers can preorder online at, business customers can preorder through their AT&T sales representative or by visiting AT&T's Premier site at"

AT&T says it will limit iPhones to one per new customer, or "one device per household for new orders placed online."

Best Buy will also have the iPhone 4 available for pre-sale, although Engadget recommends avoiding third party retailers: "it just seems to be too chaotic at the moment."

The phones will run $199 (16GB version) or $299 (32GB version) with a two year AT&T contract.

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