Alleged iPhone 4G VIDEO Leaked By iPhone Portugal

Apple, notoriously secretive about products in its pipeline, just can't seem to keep the next iPhone under wraps.

Earlier this year, Gizmodo leaked a prototype of the next generation iPhone; shortly thereafter a Vietnamese blog posted photos and videos purported to be of the 'iPhone 4G'; and now the website iPhone Portugal has shared a video that claims to show the frame of the next iPhone.

iPhone Portugal writes of the alleged iPhone 4G shown in the video:

These parts were purchased in China by one of our readers (weren't stolen or found) then delivered to us. We will not reveal the price.

Are those parts genuine? We can not know but we can tell for sure those parts are perfect, have no defects, not faulty at all, there is not even one single difference between the 2 copies we have.

See the videos below.

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