iPhone 5 Cases: 21 Outrageous Covers That Will Have Everyone Talking (PHOTOS)

A slew of accessories have been made for Apple's iPhone 5, which hit shelves last month, but with more than 5 million smartphones sold just three days after the release, a whole lot of users are in need of a case to protect their new device from wear and tear.

Mashable spoke with Michael Morgan, a senior analyst with ABI Research covering mobile devices, about the popularity of iPhone cases. About 75 percent of those who purchase an iPhone will also purchase a protective case, according to a study by ABI.

The average selling price for a case made by Apple is $18, and Apple is slated to sell 58 million iPhone 5 devices this year, according to Mashable. That means $783 million in revenue in iPhone 5 cases alone.

Apple has some quality cases, of course, but they're not the only option. (Besides, iPhone users might want to try a case that is a bit more outrageous this time around.) Companies like Griffin and Case-Mate offer some wild options, while Etsy crafters hold their own with some jaw-dropping designs.

Check out some of the most outrageous iPhone 5 cases in the slideshow below. And for the less daring among you, there's also our roundup of the best, least ostentatious iPhone 5 cases (here).


Coolest and Most Outrageous iPhone 5 Cases