IPhone 5 Release Date: 'Early-To-Mid-September?'

Will there be a new iPhone by Labor Day 2011?

Evidence has been mounting recently that the iPhone 5 (also known as the iPhone 4S) will be released at some point in September.

First there was new Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam's slip-up on a recent earnings call, during which he mistakenly told analysts that his company expected an iPhone refresh "sometime in the fall."

And now there is a new rumor from tech blog Boy Genius Report that "AT&T has begun communicating launch plans internally for Apple's next-generation iPhone 5 handset" and that AT&T is ramping up hiring due to the "influx of foot traffic expected in September."

But wait--there's more! Those are just the two latest reports of a September release date for Apple's next generation iPhone, which has been rumored since April. Apple was expected to take the wraps off of a new iPhone in June--it has done so every year for the past several years--but this year, June came and went without a new Apple smartphone. The lack of a refresh has added fuel to rumors that the next iPhone is due in the fall.

On April 12 John Paczkowski of All Things Digital wrote that Apple would announce the updated smartphone at its annual media conference the first week in September. The Wall Street Journal reported on July 7 that people close to Apple expected a new iPhone launch "by the end of September."

For a more complete rundown of what the iPhone 5 might look like, when it could be released, and why you shouldn't buy a new iPhone until September, check out HuffPost Tech's guide to the next iPhone here.

Neither Apple nor AT&T have released statements about either the existence of a new iPhone nor a target release date, but it is looking more and more like September is the month for your Apple smartphone refresh. What do you think?