iPhone 5 Rumors Suggest New Antenna, Aluminum Back

Already over the iPad 2? Here come another round of rumors for the next Apple device on the horizon: the iPhone 5.

According to Taiwanese source Economic News Daily, the next generation of iPhone will be a significant upgrade from the iPhone 4, released June 2010.

The site reports that the iPhone 5 will no longer include the glass back of the iPhone 4 and instead use an aluminum case, as in the original iPhone. Apple's reason for the switch apparently has to do with scratching issues on the iPhone 4, as well as the problems the company experienced attempting to manufacture a white iPhone.

Also to be fixed: the much-maligned antenna. Rumors suggest Apple will locate the antenna behind the Apple logo, in an effort to deal with the exposed antenna problems of earlier phones.

Economic News Daily adds that the iPhone 5, like the iPad 2, will use the fast A5 chip in the new phone.

Earlier rumors have predicted that the iPhone 5 will be bigger, smaller, cheaper, and much, much more. As always, only Apple knows for now.

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