iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: 7 Things Apple's New Device Has That Its Predecessor Doesn't

7 Things The iPhone 5 Has That The iPhone 4S Doesn't

To buy, or not to buy a new iPhone 5? That is the questions iPhone 4S users may be facing in the coming weeks.

Apple revealed its newest smartphone on Wednesday during a media event in San Francisco, showing off a slender new device that retails at a starting price of $199.

The iPhone 5, as expected, trumps the company's previous phones in a few crucial areas. For example, the latest device is powered by a faster A6 processor and can make calls and download data over speedy 4G LTE networks. But is it really worth it to spring for an iPhone 5, especially if you already own an iPhone 4S?

To help with your decision, check out our gallery (below) to see 7 things the iPhone 5 has that its predecessor doesn't. Then let us know what you think: Do you plan on snatching up the latest Apple smartphone? Is it truly a "revolutionary" upgrade, or do you think it left something to be desired? Leave us a comment or tweet us your opinions at [@HuffPostTech].

Want to know how the iPhone 5 stacks up against Samsung's Galaxy S3 and Microsoft's Lumia 920? Check out our handy spec chart (here). Visit our big new page to view all our coverage of Apple's iPhone 5 event.

It Works On 4G LTE Networks

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

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