Here's How The New Apple Products Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

We're sure you can you remember a time when there was not an app for everything, but would you want to?

With Apple's latest announcement on Tuesday, the company is now trying to ensure that when there's an app for something, it requires as little time as possible and as few as one click (or one swipe). We've highlighted five pretty awesome things the new Apple products are reported to do that will most certainly make your daily lives a little bit easier.

1. You'll be able to pay for your restaurant check in a matter of seconds, without using cash or a credit card.


Apple's trying to do away with the cumbersome hassle that is a physical wallet. Enter: ApplePay, the digital payment service built in to the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch. OpenTable announced that it integrated the software into its app, so customers who made their dinner reservations with the service will be able to pay their bill with their phone.

2. You'll be able to know of immediate sales and discounts when you're shopping at Whole Foods or at Macy's.


Gil Lauria, a Wedbush Securities analyst, spoke of a very enticing scenario to the Wall Street Journal: "Imagine walking through Macy's and getting an offer for 15% off sent right to your phone and then being able to apply that just by flashing your phone at the register." That means no more clipping coupons or searching online for the best sales at stores.

3. Travel apps will let you track your baggage and open your hotel door from your phone or watch.


American Airlines has already created an app for the Apple Watch that will allow you to track your baggage. Apple announced that W Hotels is also working on an app that would allow a customer to unlock her hotel room door by waving her device in front of the door.

4. There will likely be shorter lines at Disney World.


Walt Disney World is another company that enthusiastically jumped onboard the ApplePay system. Available to guests right before the Christmas season, visitors at the theme park or at Disney stores will be able to make a variety of purchases at the click (or swipe) of a button.

5. Siri will turn on the lights and start your coffee machine every single morning.


With the new iOs 8 software comes the addition of HomeKit, Apple's framework for complete home automation. Apps will be made to work with Siri so that an owner can control appliances around their home. Apple announced that the company has already partnered up with manufacturers including iHome, Phillips and Haier.



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