iPhone 6 Rumors Begin: Sharp LCD Screens And A 2012 Release?

iPhone 6 Rumors Begin

Forget the iPhone 5! Apple's next-generation iOS device isn't even here yet and the iPhone 6 rumors are already kicking into gear. A new report from to Japanese newspaper Nikkan claims that Sharp has begun preparations to produce the iPhone 6's screen.

The new displays are made from a new low temperature poly-silicon (p-SI) liquid crystal, and the Nikkan report suggests the followup to the iPhone 5 to land sometime in 2012. The release date falls in line with Apple's iPhone history; a new version of the device has come out annually since the original launched in 2007. Apple Insider explains that p-SI displays will enable more vivid images and improved durability, and because "the display drivers can be mounted directly onto the glass substrate," the LCD screen can be even thinner than on current models.

Aside from a thinner body, what would you like to see in the iPhone 6? Or, for that matter, the iPhone 5?

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