How The iPhone 6 Will Change The Way You Travel

We've all been at the airport hopelessly searching for an outlet to charge our iPhones. But thanks to the new and improved iPhone 6, those days may be over.

Huffington Post technology reporter Tim Stenovec spoke with HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd about how Apple's new phone could improve the way you travel thanks to its boosted battery life.

"If you've had an iPhone 5 for a year, or an iPhone 5s for a year, or [iPhone] 4 for two or three years, then you're going to notice a huge difference," Stenovec said.

While Stenovec said the improved camera shouldn't be the only reason you upgrade to the iPhone 6, it's making the hassle of carrying high-quality cameras around with you less necessary.

"We're getting to the point now where if you're going on a vacation, you're not going to be disappointed by just bringing your smartphone in order to take pictures," he said.

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