Watch The New iPhone Get Dissected Like A Pig In Science Class

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On Friday, Apple released the latest in its line of miracle computers that fit in your pocket. They cost several hundred dollars and will be highly sought after by an eager populace.

So, the fine folks at iFixIt ripped one open and filmed the whole thing.

It really is a sight to behold. We're conditioned to coddle these things like they're babies, but, of course, they're just electronics.  

The teardown reveals some interesting things: The iPhone 6S Plus is heavier than last year's offering, the camera is beefier and nicer, yadda yadda. Mostly, the video is worth watching as a sobering reminder that the personal technology we ascribe such meaning to is little more than a mashup of cold metal parts. 

Or something. It's also just kind of fun to see an iPhone get its face ripped off. Watch the full video below.

H/T Gizmodo