This Might Be The First Video Of The iPhone 7

There's one potentially annoying change.

We may have just gotten our first look at the upcoming iPhone 7 in motion.

A new video published to YouTube by 9to5Mac Thursday professes to offer a quick look at the device, which is expected to release this fall. The new model is missing the unsightly antenna lines running across the backs of recent iPhones and it’s missing a traditional headphone jack ― a development that’s been anticipated for months.

It’s impossible to say for sure that the leak is the real deal ― Apple never comments on rumors ― but footage like this has proven to be legit in the past.

The video also aligns with previous leaked photographs allegedly showing the iPhone 7.

If the video is real, you may want to think twice before buying new headphones, at least if you’re sure you want to upgrade your smartphone this fall. (If your device is old and busted, you may not have much of a choice.) An iPhone without a headphone jack will require one of three things: Headphones that connect via a lightning cable (like these), wireless headphones that connect via Bluetooth or an unsightly adapter cord like the one Lenovo revealed Thursday. Convenient, right?