Here's The Next iPhone, From A Designer With An Eerily Accurate Prediction History

This may not be the new iPhone you want, but it could be the new iPhone that you get.

The next iPhone will not be clear (sorry) and it will not have a curved screen (not sorry). It may, however, be a little thinner, lighter and have a slightly larger screen.

The concept comes from British graphic designer Sam Beckett, who has created some impressively accurate iPhone concepts in the past.

Beckett predicts that the iPhone Air will have a 4.7-inch display (the iPhone 5S has a 4-inch display), created by making the phone 8 percent larger and reducing the side bezels. The concept iPhone Air is also 9 percent thinner than the 5S.

In 2012 Beckett, who works for an app developer, made an iPhone 5 concept video that was both accurate and ahead of its time. In the video, he correctly predicts some things about the iPhone 5, like the new dock connector and larger display, and he even predicts some aspects of the iPhone 5S and iOS 7, like the fingerprint scanner and the control center.

Beckett says he believes that the the next iPhone will be called the Air, not the 6 because "Apple has demonstrated that they think the iPhone is a mature enough device to warrant two versions (5S and 5C)" and he feels that "more distinctive branding, much like the iPad Mini and Air will help to reinforce the two product lines."

As of right now, Apple has no public plans to release a new iPhone, but the company tends to announce new iPhones in the fall of each year, so there's still a lot of time to dream up the next iPhone.