iPhone App Saves Colorado Springs Man Buried Under Rubble In Haiti (VIDEO)

WATCH: Man Pulled From Haiti Rubble After iPhone Kept Him Alive For 3 Days

While much has rightfully been made of the role of technology in fostering an international response to the tragedy in Haiti, stories are now emerging about how technology has also helped individuals survive the destruction as well.

An NBC affiliate in Miami reported Wednesday on a film-maker from Colorado Springs, Dan Woolley, who was trapped in a collapsed hotel for 3 days.

Woolley said that at one point, his situation became so bleak that he began writing letters to his wife and kids in case of his death.

But, as Woolley told the Today Show, "I feel like God gave me some tools to help me survive."

He used light from his iPhone to show his injuries. He then used a medical app to correctly diagnose and treat his broken foot. Woolley also used a camera to take pictures his surroundings, ultimately finding safety in an elevator shaft where he stayed for 65 hours before rescuers pulled him from the rubble.

Watch Woolley being pulled from the rubble, and listen to him recount the ordeal on the Today Show:

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