This Swipe Trick For iPhone’s Calculator App Is Blowing People's Minds

Jlende via Getty Images

This is sum-thing else.

On Tuesday, Jazz Johnson, a 19-year-old who attends Baylor University, decided to tweet a really handy video.

In it, he shows you how you can backspace on the iPhone’s calculator app.

“What … excuse me? You mean I’ve wasted 9,458,304,583,489 gazillion hours of my life deleting sums on my calculator and I did not have to?” you may ask.

Well, yes, it appears you did.

We’ll allow Johnson to demonstrate this magic:

Freakin’ useful, right?

Though some people were like, “Duh, I’ve been doing this since before it was cool,” many people on Twitter felt straight-up enlightened by the handy trick:

Johnson told Buzzfeed that he learned the swipe hack on an old Reddit thread he recently stumbled upon.

Thank goodness for the interwebs!

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