Your Next iPhone Might Have A Selfie Flash

Narcissists, rejoice!

According to a new post by 9to5Mac, the next iteration of Apple's iPhone may have a flash for its front-facing camera, allowing for brighter selfies. It may also have a panoramic option for the front camera, which sounds like it would allow users to capture large groups of people or more of their surroundings when mugging for Instagram.

The news is based on a tweet from Hamza Sood, whom 9to5Mac and Forbes say is a developer. Sood has been tweeting many screenshots of upcoming iOS 9 changes following the new operating system's "pre-release" to developers earlier this week.

In the following sample of code, Sood says there's evidence that iOS 9 will provide support for a front camera flash bulb:

The current iPhones don't have this feature built in, but future iPhones might.

Apple's next handset is rumored to be coming this fall. Of course, there's no guarantee that it will have a flash built into the front-facing camera based on this code alone, but here's hoping. "Front Flash" apps that turn your screen white in an attempt to illuminate your face can really only carry us so far.

All this said, getting the perfect selfie with flash can be tricky business. Too often, a flash at such close range produces ghostly images. Maybe that's a cure for the selfie epidemic, though: a feature that makes you look ugly.

If you must take selfies -- or any picture -- in the dark, though, we've got some tips.