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iPhone Cases That Are As Cute As Purses (PHOTOS)

I'm one of the masses who just purchased the iPhone 5. Yes, I might be a lemming who drinks the Apple Kool-Aid, but I actually did have good reason: My iPhone 4 had a cracked screen and the camera was so damaged that my photos (often used to snap pictures at New York Fashion Week) were blurry. So, when the opportunity arose to pre-order the new iPhone online, I took a deep breath, pulled out my credit card and purchased it. Two weeks later, a small, nondescript box arrived. Once the phone was synced and powered up, it remained on my desk for a few days because I was too afraid to take it out for fear of dropping it, sitting on it or causing some other harm to my new oh-so-shiny piece of technology.

To assuage my fears, I am on the hunt for an indestructible iPhone case. Moreover, I had a realization when I saw street style stars like Giovanna Battaglia and Susie Bubble during fashion week carrying blinged-out cases: Why carry a purse or clutch when you can stick your credit cards in your iPhone case and pop your keys in your pocket (I know, I'm delusional to think that's all we carry in our suitcase-like purses). One quick sweep on Etsy and I found handmade, over-the-top creative iPhone cases that aren't overly expensive. Bonus: When that inevitable day comes where I drop my new phone, it will be protected. Now let's just hope I don't drop it in the toilet.

Here, 16 iPhone cases to keep your shiny new gadgets protected.

Iphone Cases

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