iPhone Damage: SquareTrade Lists The Rooms Where You're Most Likely To Destroy Your Phone

It was the butterfingers, with the bathtub, in the restroom!

Where in the home are iPhone owners most likely to destroy, damage, maim, or crack their smartphones? According to a new study out by gadget warranty site SquareTrade, the kitchen ranks as the most dangerous room in the home for the iPhone, with 21 percent of house-related damage occurring there, followed closely in frequency by the living room (18 percent) and the bathroom (16 percent). The bedroom (10 percent) and the driveway (8 percent) round out the list (no word on whether "driveway" includes "elevators for your cars," but we can only assume so).

SquareTrade put together a neat infographic illustrating its findings, along with a few other factoids about the iPhone deathtrap that is your abode:


You might remember SquareTrade as the firm that estimated in September that damaged iPhones had cost Americans $5.7 billion dollars since 2007. The site offers extended warranties on various gadgets and so obviously has an interest in promoting the idea that iPhones are not only frequently damaged, at great cost to the owner, but also that the destruction of common gadgets is a regular, not freak, occurrence.

Still though: If you've ever accidentally boiled your iPhone, mistakenly baked it into a pie, or thouhgtlessly slipped it into your Hot Pocket wrapper before placing it in the microwave, you can likely sympathize with SquareTrade's finding that the kitchen can be a perilous place for a phone. (Given that a reported 75 percent of Americans bring their phones with them to the toilet, I'm a bit surprised that more iPhones haven't been dropped into the old porcelain throne; a 2011 study from Plaxo claimed that 19 percent of iPhones had, in fact, gone for a swim in toilet water, though that number is obviously at odds with SquareTrade's survey).

In any case: Be careful with your iPhone around the house, folks. Buy a case and a screen protector and don't try to pan-fry broccoli with one-hand while flicking Angry Birds with the other. It's probably not going to end well, for your phone, your broccoli, or your Angry Birds high score.