iPhone, iPad Prototypes Revealed (PHOTOS): Kickstands, Octagons And Much, Much More

In the grim legal tussle between Apple and Samsung over patents, there is one silver lining, for Apple fanboys at least. Pictures of early versions of the iPhone and iPad!

As part of the legal proceedings, Apple was forced (against its will) to disclose in court documents pictures of prototypes that would become its line of iOS devices. And iFans are drooling over them. In the weeks leading up to the trial, which began Monday, bloggers had a gander at early mockups of the iPad and then the iPhone.

But why stop with just a taste? Now it's time for the full-course meal. The Huffington Post searched through court documents for renderings of prototypes that, in some cases, never left the lab. Make sure to grab a coffee before you start clicking through our slideshow. We've got 74.

The Lost iProducts: Apple's Prototypes