The Real iPhone Killer: Apple's Smartphone Doesn't Stand A Chance (PHOTOS)

iPhone Killer: Designer's Concept Is The Real Thing (PHOTO)

Finally: an iPhone killer that actually is.

It's not the Nexus One, and it's not the Droid. This new device--created by designer Ronen Kadushin--is the real deal.

Apple's smartphone doesn't stand a chance against Kadushin's iPhonekiller, an open-source mallet made of laser cut steel attached to an axe handle that can be used for destroying iPhones.

Kadushin's offers this description of his creation:

"Pitch" (in a Steve Jobs style product announcement): Whenever a new hand held device, or new exciting smartphone hits the market, a questions roars through the internets, tech blogs and news: Is this the iPhone killer? The answer is always...well...not quite, not yet....

So I was thinking, maybe these guys who make these devices are not looking at the right place for that iPhone killer. Why don't I scratch that dream product itch, and transform this buzzword into a real product that it's soul purpose is to do what it claims to be.....

I'd like to introduce you to the iPhonekiller....It's amazing... It is an open design, you can download it from my website, produce and use it. It is 1.6 Kg , 25mm ( 3.5 lbs, 1 inch) of precision laser cut steel, with a fantastic 36 cm wood ax handle. You can just feel the awesome power of it when you hold it in your hand..It's amazing.......

The designer has even created a "product page" that mimics the look, layout, and text of Apple's website.

See pictures of the iPhonekiller below.

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