These Are The Best Photos Taken On iPhones This Year


This year's winners of the iPhone Photography Awards were just announced, and the photos are incredible.

A jury chose the winners from iPhone photos submitted by photographers from more than 80 countries around the world.

The annual competition started in 2007, when the first iPhone was released. Today there are multiple categories, ranging from Abstract to Food to Flowers, as well as overall winners.

The rules are simple: All photos must be taken by an iPhone, iPad or iPod; the photographer can use add-on lenses and photo editing iOS apps, but no desktop software like Photoshop.

Looking at these gorgeous photos, it's hard to believe they were taken with the same phone many of us use on a daily basis, but the jury can (and sometimes does) verify that the photos were taken with the proper device. The locations listed are from the Awards website and indicate where the photographer is based.

Here are the 2015 winners:

Michael Koralewski / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Michael Koralewski
Category: Photographer of the Year, first place
Location: Warsaw, Poland
David Craik / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: David Craik
Category: Photographer of the Year, second place
Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Photographer: Yvonne Lu
Category: Photographer of the Year, third place
Location: New York, United States
Ben Schuyler / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Ben Schuyler
Category: Abstract, first place
Location: Seattle, WA United States
Sephi Bergerson / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Sephi Bergerson
Category: Animals, first place
Location: Goa, India
Christian Frank / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Christian Frank
Category: Architecture, first place
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Jeremy Kern / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Jeremy Kern
Category: Children, first place
Location: Washington, DC United States
Amy Paterson / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Amy Paterson
Category: Flowers, first place
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Xu Lin
Category: Food, first place
Location: Qing Dao City, China
Chris Belcine / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Chris Belcina
Category: Landscape, first place
Location: Cooper City, FL United States
Fabio Alvarez / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Fabio Alvarez
Category: Lifestyle, first place
Location: Pichincha, Ecuador
Yvonne Naughton / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Yvonne Naughton
Category: Nature, first place
Location: La Conner, WA United States
Jesse Alkire / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Jesse Alkire
Category: News Events, first place
Location: Chicago, IL United States
Andre Malerba / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Andre Malerba
Category: Panorama, first place
Location: Woodstock, VT United States
Robert Radesic / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Robert Radesic
Category: Sunset, first place
Location: Pula, Croatia
Heather Goss / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Heather Goss
Category: Seasons, first place
Location: Grand Haven, MI United States
Photographer: Song Han
Category: People, first place
Location: Chengdu, China
Ruairdh McGlynn / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Ruairdh McGlynn
Category: Trees, first place
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Cindy Buske / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Cindy Buske
Category: Still Life, first place
Location: Lynnwood, WA United States
Ahmed Solimani / IPPAWARDS
Photography: Ahmed Solimani
Category: Travel, first place
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Daniele Colombera / IPPAWARDS
Photography: Daniele Colombera
Category: Portrait, first place
Location: Los Angeles, CA United States
Jose Luis Saez Martinez / IPPAWARDS
Photographer: Jose Luiz Saez Martinez
Category: Others, first place
Location: Valencia, Spain

This story has been updated to include location details for the photos.

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