Your iPhone Is Now Officially A Pokédex

Last week, Wolfram Alpha, the "answer engine" that can solve calculus problems or tell you how many people live in Manhattan with a few keystrokes, updated its database to include all 649 known Pokémon.

Why does this matter? Siri frequently pulls information from Wolfram Alpha when trying to answer queries. That means that your iPhone, if you own one, just became a full-fledged Pokédex.

OK, let's try a really basic question.

iphone pokedex

OMG, it worked.

Does it know types?

iphone pokedex

It knows types. Success!

How detailed does this thing get?

iphone pokedex


Stop it. Just stop.

iphone pokedex

*slam head against Charizard's foot*

BRB, need to plan a career change. Gonna be the very best.