iHand Solves Finicky iPhone 4's Reception Problems (PICTURE)

Consumer Reports has just finished testing the iPhone 4, and what they found isn't pretty: it seems the phone may have a design flaw that causes it to lose signal strength when held in such a way that its antenna is covered by the user's hand or finger.

The iHand offers a (satirical) solution to those iPhone reception issues. Steve Jobs has told frustrated Apple users that they're merely holding the phone wrong, a problem the helpful iHand can easily resolve.

In a tongue-in-cheek article, Scoopertino introduces the iHand, crafted from European beechwood and available in a range of skintones, from Caucasian to "Kermit."

Scoopertino writes the iHand "guarantees the proper grip first time, every time":

Responding to complaints that the new iPhone 4 loses signal when held by a human hand, Apple today launched iHand -- a synthetic appendage that makes it easy for anyone to "get a grip" on iPhone and remain connected.

iHand is so easy to use, it doesn't require a manual. Simply insert iPhone 4 into iHand's adjustable fingers, raise it to your ear and start talking. With iHand, you get all the functionality of the human hand, without the signal-sucking biology that encumbers most iPhone owners.

See for yourself below: