iPhone Sausage Stylus (PHOTOS, VIDEO): iPhone Lovers Beat Cold Fingers With Meat

iPhone Sausage Stylus: Koreans Use Meat To Play On Their Phones (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Too cold to take off your gloves but desperate to play a round of Tapulous? Here's a solution that's taken South Korean iPhone-lovers by storm: use a sausage on your iPhone instead.

South Koreans are tackling the problem of numb fingers--brought on by using touchscreen phones in the winter time--with snack meat (see photos and video below).

The weight and texture of these convenience store sausages makes them a handy and effective 'Sausage Stylus.'

According to Clusterfock (via what is believed to be a legitimate Korean-language news site), 'sales of a snack sausage increase by almost 40%* in the winter as iPhone users utilize the sausage as a stylus in order to avoid removing their gloves.' (read an auto-translated version of the article.)

Check out the iPhone 'sausage stylus' in action!


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