iPhone Unavailable in NYC from AT&T: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 28, 2009

AT&T has stopped selling the iPhone in New York City. The popular iPhone is currently unavailable from its exclusive network because AT&T is not equipped to handle its data traffic in the tri-state area. While it will be easy enough for consumers who want to purchase the iPhone in NY to get it somewhere else, it does not solve the problem that AT&T's network is still inadequate in New York.

After the attempted terrorist attacks this past weekend, the TSA will reportedly enforce new rules on flights. One of the rules may require passengers to put away electronic devices an hour before landing. The new law would make conducting business on 90 minute flights impossible, and will also negative impact on in flight Wi-Fi.

Movie goers broke records at the box office this weekend with a total gross of $280 million dollars. Viewers flocked to Avatar, which earned approximately $75 million, as well as Sherlock Holmes, which took in an estimated $65.4 million in its opening weekend, making it the highest grossing Christmas weekend debut of all time.

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