Iran and Obama's Folly

The second of April, 2015, was an historic day, the day when the Iran nuclear deal was concluded and ceremoniously announced to the world. Historic, well, already then it was in the eye of the beholder, as in Israel, the Netanyahu’s government cried foul, but who really paid attention to those who seemed to be the losers? Those who seemed to misunderstand the train of history, those who tried to conduct a scare-mongering campaign and failed. President Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, were the heroes of the day. They were the main architects of the new page in Middle East and International history. They finally brought the rogue regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran back to the family of nations. At least, this is what we were bombarded with. Then comes reality, and the history of 2015, seems so outdated and irrelevant in December of 2017, and most likely also in the new unfolding 2018. History in the Middle East proves again to be a relative matter, and so the great speeches of April 2015 seem already now to be so anachronistic, out of touch, actually a good material for an unbiased SNL program.

Here in a nutshell the main underlining assumptions behind the Iran nuclear deal, which became the points hailed by Obama and his cronies as the main achievements of the deal. Iran cannot become a nuclear power any more, because the deal established an effective observation regime. The deal will contribute to regional Middle East stability, as without the Iranian nuclear deal, the countries hitherto concerned about Iran, will no more have a reason to be worried. The Iranian regime will use the monies which will come their way as a result of the lifting of the sanctions and the renewed intensive trade with the West, in order to improve the lot of poor Iranians, and that will create another incentive for the regime to look inwards , rather than outwards. It is the time now, to look back at all this Obama propaganda, and see what the reality is, not the fake ‘’history’’ which was on every lip just two years back. First, there is enough evidence indicating, that there is no full-fledged, effective, verifiable monitoring of what REALLY is happening in the Iranian nuclear sites. The undisputed fact is, that the Iranian regime has conducted a series of missile tests, boasting in public about how they have the potential to be part of a nuclear program. Moreover, contrary to the main argument of the Obama administration, the regime specifically stated, that they can resume the nuclear program within minutes, if the US Congress would reimpose full sanctions. Second, the nuclear deal undermined stability in the Middle East, and this is mainly because the deal was perceived by Arab states in the region, let alone Israel, as another proof, that the Obama administration had this bad habit of betraying allies and appeasing enemies, and of course, as a result of the Iranian increased involvement in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. Thirdly, and this is where it is today, the Iranian people feel itself the greatest loser of this deal. Instead of having the money channeled for their welfare, it was invested in arms, more arms, more terrorism, more involvement in other countries.Truth it is, that the entire logic of the Iran nuclear deal has proved totally fallacious, a tower of delusional expectations collapsing in face of harsh realities.

Ben Rhodes, one of Obama’s senior national security advisers, told candidly to the New York Times Magazine in May 2016, how the Obama regime manipulated the American public opinion, through the American media, by planting false information and ridiculous explanations. This worked, according to Rhodes, himself an inexperienced strategic expert, because of the ignorance of those who pretend to know, even in the WP and the NYT, who Rhodes dismissed as the ‘’blob’’. He more than insinuated, that the President himself was a privy to this campaign, implying, that the manipulators knew that they were hiding the truth from the American people. I, for one, take issue with Rhodes. Sure, those who lied did it knowingly and intentionally, but ALL of them, including Rhodes himself did believe, that what they said would, in fact, happen. They believed in it, because they were and still are today captives of a Liberal vision of foreign policy, in which, believing dictators is an important element. It is so, because the Obama administration, motivated by the Commander -In-Chief himself, who was the brains behind it all, the leading, not the led person, really misunderstood the real nature of the Iranian regime, as well as they did not understand Hamas, and the Clinton administration did not understand North Korea after their nuclear deal with the rogue regime in 1994.

Maybe if Obama did not order the removal of Churchill’s stature from the Oval Office, as one of his first actions after his election, he would have understood what the great lion did in these five crucial days in May 1940, before and after. Believing dictators is wrong, is dangerous, and it is tragic not only to others, but in the first place, to the people who are directly under the yoke of the dictators. The Iranian people understand it now.

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