Iran Allows Musician To Perform In Public For First Time (VIDEO)

In a country that is known for its strict monitoring of musical content, Iranian authorities have surprised many with their recent decision to allow an underground pop star to perform in public. Xaniar Khosravi is all set to perform on April 24 to a completely sold out show -- the first time the singer will be allowed to perform publicly. Sharia Law in the country mandates that all musicians must be approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance before performing in public. When Khosravi posted about the show on his Facebook page , the concert sold out almost immediately. One Facebook user posted on the singer's page, "I'm so sad I couldn't get a ticket. I wanna die."

CORRECTION: April 22, 2014. An earlier version of this entry said that this was the first time in Iran's history to allow a public concert. In fact, this is the first time this specific singer will be allowed to perform publicly in Iran.



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