Who Really Ought to Be Afraid of Iran?

Assuming the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran is truly attempting to build a nuclear weapon (which I suspect is about as likely as it erecting a giant sculpture of a pig in the middle of Azadi square), who ought to be most afraid? The United States? Nope. Great Britain? By no means. Israel? Lo. Iraq? La. Afghanistan? Naah. Saudi Arabia? La. In short, not a single one of these nations need be afraid.

So, who should be frightened by Iran? Who should be shaking in their sandals? Iran. Or more specifically, the Iranian people.

Imagine the worst-case scenario: Israel, alone or with international support, bombs Iran. In response, much like Americans did after 9/11, the Iranian people rally around their government. And they do so despite a growing disgust and distrust that millions of them reserve for the regime -- particularly since the fraudulent presidential election of 2009. As a result, the regime maintains power for at least another 30 years. Choosing what they would no doubt consider the lesser of two evils (abuse by Iranians over abuse by outsiders and imperialists), the Iranian people will thus continue to suffer.

Why? Iranians are quick to remind anyone who asks (and many who don't) that they hail from a glorious 2,500-year-old civilization. As such, they are a ridiculously proud lot. And like most peoples, they don't appreciate being invaded or told what to do. In effect, they are more willing to suffer at the hands of their own regime than at the hands of foreigners -- after all, they have extensive experience with the latter, and it didn't turn out so well for them.

It is undoubtedly the Iranian people who will suffer most from an attack on Iran -- not because of the attack itself, but rather because such an attack would foster popular support for the regime, a kind of support that has waned drastically since 2009. Thus, any attack on the allegedly Islamic Republic -- whether through overreaching economic sanctions or military intervention -- will most certainly backfire, as it will only weaken the folks most likely to defeat the regime: the Iranian people themselves.

More than any foreign bombs or threats or sanctions, these people represent the greatest hope for Iran's future -- and not so incidentally, the greatest hope for American, Israeli and European interests.

No one likes a bully, least of all the proud descendents of a 2,500-year-old civilization (just a reminder in case you forgot). So keeping Iran "in check" means supporting the opposition movement.

The best way to support the opposition? Stay out. Learn from history. And let them do their work. Let the Iranian people sanction their government. Let the Iranian people bring their regime to its knees. Let the Iranian people reclaim their great nation.

Liberty, justice and independence can never be imposed from the outside. They must be nurtured from within.