Iran Uprising Blogging (Friday July 10)

Iran Uprising Blogging (Friday July 10)

I'm liveblogging the latest Iran election fallout. Email me with any news or thoughts, or follow me on Twitter. Send me instant messages at or njpitney on AIM. Scroll down for news related to the front-page headlines. Local Iran time is 8 1/2 hours ahead of Eastern time.

(Blogging will be light today, HuffPost is moving offices in DC.)

10:57 AM ET -- Basiji rush the cameraman. Video apparently from yesterday:

10:15 AM ET -- Tehran police chief: few arrests made. AP:

The head of Tehran's police says few arrests were made in opposition protests that erupted in the Iranian capital in an opposition attempt to revive street demonstrations over the country's disputed election.

Police chief Azizullah Rajabzadeh says those arrested in Thursday's protests were involved in "damaging public property and chanting," according to a report Friday in the semi-official Mehr news agency.

Rajabzadeh gives no exact number of detainees, saying only that they were "few," adding, "there was no widespread campaign of arrests."

Thousands marched in various parts of the capital on Thursday, chanting "death to the dictator." In some places, clashes erupted as police fired tear gas and charges demonstrators with batons.

9:53 AM ET -- The rooftop project. Chas Danner, who has been doing all sorts of yeoman's work on Iran, today posts the most comprehensive set of videos capturing the haunting and inspiring "Allah-o Akbar" chants that are heard around Iran each evening.

This is meant to be the most complete possible collection of recordings of nighttime protest in Iran since the beginning of the uprising. Its goal is to locate and profile at least one video for each night primarily focusing on the nightly chanting of Allah-o-Akbar from the rooftops, whenever that footage is available. Some of these videos have not been widely seen until now.

9:42 AM ET -- Big demonstration outside Iranian embassy in London. Photos here.

9:35 AM ET -- Iran criticizes Italy's suppression of protesters. "Iran summons the Italian Ambassador to Tehran Alberto Bradanini in protest against the violent suppression of anti-G8 protesters. Bradanini was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday to hear Tehran's concerns about the 'violent suppression of justice-seeking protesters by the Italian police.'" No comment.

9:30 AM ET -- Obama: "Further steps" needed if Iran talks fail.

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Friday the G8 message to Iran was that if it failed to change its nuclear defiance by a September deadline "we need to take further steps."

"We're not going to just wait indefinitely," Obama told a news conference at the end of a G8 summit in Italy. He insisted, however, that it had never been the intent for the summit to apply new sanctions on Tehran.

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