Omid Abbasi, Iranian Firefighter Who Died After Saving Young Girl, Saves 3 More Lives Through Organ Donation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Hero Iranian Firefighter's Bravery And Selflessness Will Make You Tear Up

The story of an Iranian firefighter who gave his life to rescue a little girl made its way around the world last week.

Omid Abbasi was part of a team of firefighters that responded to a residential building fire in Tehran last Tuesday, according to Iran's Mehr News.

Press TV spoke with Jalal Maleki, the spokesman for the Tehran fire department, who said that when Abbasi learned there was a young girl trapped in the building, he rushed in to save her. He gave her his oxygen mask, but once he had gotten her to safety, Abbasi himself suffered 'brain death,' Mehr News reports.

After his death, Abbasi's family donated his organs to three patients in need of transplants. "He was kind and loved saving people," his mother told Press TV.

On Sunday, Reddit user Soulsiick shared Abbasi's story, and it was upvoted more than 22,000 times.

Last year, Chicago firefighter Herbert Johnson lost his life after saving several families and children from a devastating house fire.

Earlier this year, we also learned of Scott McDowll, a volunteer firefighter from Michigan who lost both of his legs and returned to his duty less than 2 years later.

Via Reddit

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