Iranian Grandmother Detained At LAX Has A Message For Donald Trump

"Do something right."

A 75-year-old Iranian woman who was detained after flying to the U.S. to visit her grandchildren says she still loves Americans. 

Marzieh Moosavizadeh told MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff that “I love you, people of America.” And as for President Donald Trump, who on Friday signed the executive order banning visitors from seven majority-Muslim countries that lead to her detainment?

“Do something right,” she said through her grandson, who was translating.

Moosavizadeh has been a permanent legal resident of the U.S. since 1997, said her grandson, who flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles to pick her up. She spends most of her time in Iran, but often travels to the U.S. to see her family. According to the LA Times, she was detained at the Los Angeles International Airport for about nine hours.

“Sitting there for eight hours, for somebody who has arthritis, is very, very hard,” Moosavizadeh told the LA Times, as translated by her son. “Please, tell Mr. Trump when they make these kind of decisions, think it all the way through.” 

Moosavizadeh is one of many visitors detained and questioned in the days following Trump’s executive order, which Democrats and civil rights advocates have said is unconstitutional. Federal judges across the country have already blocked parts of the order.

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