Iranian People are demanding: “Regime Change in Iran is the Only Solution”

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Iranians disillusioned by their leaders have been protesting and dying on the streets demanding regime change... Why?

Economically, inflation is now at 20%; 67% of Iranian society is under 35 years old, and over 70% of them are unemployed. Billions of dollars received from the United States as part of the nuclear “deal” have gone to terrorist organizations and been pocketed by corrupt religious and government officials. Politically, Iranian women are arrested, tortured and stoned to death. Human Rights are nonexistent, labor unions are outlawed and their leaders are in prison. Journalists are routinely arrested and killed. The press is under full control of the Supreme Leader. Women and children are oppressed and therefore must be saved.

Since 1979, every American Administration has tried to reason with, negotiate with, contain, and change the behavior of the Iranian Regime. But we never understood the DNA of The Islamic Republic of Iran. What do they believe in? What motivates them? What makes them tick?

The Islamic Republic believes:

-Countries in the international system are expected to comply with international rules, treaties and standards. But International law is unacceptable, as it conflicts with Sharia law, which should be the only legal system.

-The Western Democracy and Human Rights system, based on concepts of equality and justice under man-made law, is in violation of Sharia law, the law of G-d, which is to be interpreted by Iran’s Supreme Leader.

- Secularism, liberalism, religious toleration, and freedom of expression all conflict with the divine system of “Islamic” fundamentalism, dominated by a theocracy under the control of a Supreme Leader.

This ideology believes “first great revolution against the global system.” The Islamic Revolution is not just political but total, transforming human nature itself, because Islam is not simply a religion but an entire way of life.

The most significant conflicts between Ayatollahs, Iranian People and Democracy involve the principles of separation of “church and state” and “checks and balances.” These concepts directly challenge the concept of “Sharia” as a comprehensive legal system with a single interpreter.

The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, both conservatives and so-called “moderates,” have proven to the world that their regime is incompatible with the international system and cannot be reformed.

The international community must commit its resources to assist the freedom-aspiring forces inside Iran who have repeatedly declared that they too want the Ayatollahs to depart.

1- International community must declare any violence against Iranian people by the regime elements will result in full economic actions against individuals heading those government units and the freezing of their illegal bank accounts throughout the world.

2- International community should provide technology to ensure that the Iranian people have uninterrupted access to the internet and the ability to communicate freely among themselves. It is only the Iranians themselves who can topple the current regime and its philosophy of “Velayateh Faghih,” but we must help them.

3- American People should fill their Social Media pages with support for the Iranian People and their struggle against tyranny.

Do not believe the Islamic Government supporters disguised as Iran “experts” telling us that “we should not interfere in another country’s affairs!” They say “isn’t that what Russia tried to do in our election”! Iranians inside Iran are pleased that the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House of Representatives and numerous legislators both Republican and Democrat are supporting their struggle. Iranians do welcome our moral and technological support in their struggle against evil.

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