Iranian TV Suggests Neda Video A Fake

Iran's Press TV has aired a report on a documentary made by the country's state television which suggests that the death of protester Neda Agha-Soltan was part of a conspiracy, and the infamous video of her passing a fake.

The New York Times Lede Blog explains the documentary's theory:

The conspiracy theory presented in the documentary suggests that Ms. Agha-Soltan first sprayed fake blood on her own face, while pretending to have been shot as part of a ruse intended to discredit Iran's government, and then was later killed by the two men who seemed to be trying to save her life, a doctor who has since fled Iran and her music teacher who remains there.

Here's the report from Press TV:

Radio Free Europe offers more details of the contents:

"While Neda is [pretending] she is injured and is lying on the back seat of the car on their lap, they bring out a handgun from their pockets," the documentary's narrator says.

"A handgun that they obtained from their Western and Iranian friends to water the tree of reforms and kill people and create divisions within society. Neda, for a moment, realizes their wicked plan and struggles to escape, but they quickly shoot her from behind."

The narrator adds that this is how "deceived and deceitful" Neda was killed.

The Iranian doctor who treated Neda, Dr. Arash Hejazi, has spoken out about the accusations, calling them "shameless and worthless," in an interview with Radio Free Europe.

Neda's death has been a huge rallying point for the Iranian opposition and her posthumous fame appears to have shaken Iranian authorities and hardline government supporters. Her grave has been vandalized twice, and Iranian authorities have made attempts to link her death to Western organizations like the CIA and the BBC.