Iranian's Supplying Iraqi Rebels? A Picture Tells A Thousand Lies

Yesterday on The Mike Malloy Show, guest hosts Ray Hanania and Aaron Freeman discovered something interesting about the Pentagon's reporting of Iran supplying mortars made in Iran that were blowing up our troops. The story is on line at

Take a look at the picture below that was in the article showing the mortar the Iranians alledgedly supplied and see if you see anything strange:

The Iranian mortar has English letters and numerals. The 81mm size of the mortar is also consistant with the types manufactured by the U.S. for our artillery. The type used for Iranian artillery matches the old Soviet 82mm mortars. I suppose the Iranians are just trying to confuse us. Remember the WW II slogan Kilroy was here? Can you imagine seeing an old Japanese torpedo in Pearl Harbor with that slogan in English painted on it? The Japanese might have claimed that the "Day of Infamy" was caused by friendly fire. So much for the case against Iran.

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