"Iraq For Sale" On Starz Tonight!

It is always nice when an important film like this breaks though to a mainstream channel. Already, the Brave New Films Crew (not including me, I was off causing trouble somewhere else when this film was made) deserves an immense amount of credit for what was accomplished with this documentary.

And I am not just talking about the beatdown Robert Greenwald gave Jack "Deliverance" Kingston during a congressional hearing. But the millions who have become informed about the travesty that is war profiteering in Iraq. Some might dare call it treason.

Here is a schedule of all the film showings. Watch, so the next time a right-winger makes something up (it does happen once every 1.125 seconds you know) about Iraq, you're prepared to hit back with the facts.

Here you go my friends:

IRAQ FOR SALE schedule:

Starz Cinema July 14, 10:00pm (includes special segment with me before and after)
Starz Cinema July 15, 11:05am (includes special segment with me before and after)
Starz Cinema July 26, 10:40am
Starz Cinema July 30, 4:35pm
Encore Drama August 2, 4:40am
Encore Drama August 8, 8:00pm
Encore Drama August 26, 2:35am
Encore Drama September 1, 12:35am
Encore Drama September 12, 2:35pm
Encore Drama September 28, 12:50pm

The Wal-Mart movie (Wal-Mart: The Hight Cost Of Low Prices) will also be airing:

Starz Cinema: July 25, 11:15am
Starz Cinema: July 25, 8:20pm
Starz Cinema: July 26, 3:14am
Starz Cinema: July 30, 6:00pm
Starz Cinema: July 31, 4:00am
Encore Drama: August 21, 2:20am

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