Iraq War Parade In New York City Concerns Pentagon

At least two New York City councilman want to throw a parade in Manhattan for soldiers returning from Iraq, just as the city did for troops returning from the Gulf War in the early 90s (see video below).

"We all love our veterans and we all should honor them and say what a great job they did and memorialize those who paid the ultimate sacrifice," said Republican Councilman Vincent Ignizio.

"To have a chance to honor them, I, for one, would want to be there to see the looks on their faces as the adulation sort of reverberates down that canyon," added fellow Republican James Oddo. "I think it would be amazing."

The ticker-tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes, however, is getting some resistance from Washington DC, Fox New York reports. Officials at the Pentagon fear the parade could be perceived as a victory march by America's enemies and would further endanger the lives of US troops across the world.

The mayor's office is currently in talks with Washington about the parade.

The Iraq War, or "Operation Iraqi Freedom," was formally ended by the US military on December 15th. The last US troops in Iraq left the country on the 18th.

The ticker-tape parade for troops returning home from the Gulf War: