Iraqi Crisis June 19, 2014

President Obama came to the White House press room to announce he is sending up to 300 more U.S. soldiers to Iraq to help with intelligence and security for Americans in that war-torn country. This indicates they are Special Operations soldiers. He says they are not meant to be used for more combat operations, but no one can predict what will happen if they are attacked.

President Obama does not rule out "targeted military action," if needed. This translates to possible raids by bombs or missiles, sometimes delivered by planes or drones. Better intelligence will be needed to conduct strikes.

The President sent the Secretary of State back to the region to rally allied support for whatever happens next. Most of America's friends and allies agree there is a growing and dangerous crisis in the Mideast which can spread and engulf much of the world. But the emphasis now is for self protection. There is no fierce appetite to send thousands of combat troops and spend billions of dollars fighting wars in distant lands.